Cross Florida Two-day Rider Information

Route Information

End of the first day for the 2-day ride

The first day ends at US-27 and Ronald Reagan Parkway (which becomes Deen Still Rd).  There will be no one to greet you, so simply make your way to your hotel.  You will see the markings in the picture below inside the bike lane.  Also look for the Walgreens on the right, and the gas station on the left.


We can forward a small bag from the start at Cocoa Beach to the front parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express hotel at I-4 and US-27 for the first day.  We will not arrange to drop off or pickup luggage to/from any hotel, so you must take your own bag to your hotel.  On the second day we will pickup your small bag from the same location at the front parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express by 7:50am and forward them to the finish line at Linda Pedersen Park.  Please keep this bag as small as possible.

What to do:

  • Make sure your luggage is tagged with your name.  We are not responsible for lost luggage.
  • Before the start of day one in Cocoa Beach, your luggage must be handed to a volunteer.  Luggage will be collected near the registration area.
  • At the end of day one, you can pickup your luggage at the front parking lot of the Holiday Inn at US-27 and I-4.  We will try to deliver the luggage as soon as possible, but this will greatly depend on how busy our driver gets.  Previous years this has been between 2-3pm, so please be patient.  You can call/text message the support number to ask for an estimated time of arrival.
  • The morning of day two, you must hand your bag to a volunteer picking up luggage ready by 7:50am at the front parking lot of the Holiday Inn.
    • Do not be late.  Otherwise you will have to make your own arrangements to pickup your bag.
    • We will not pickup bags from hotel lobbies.
  • At the finish line, ask a volunteer where to get your luggage.

Two-day Ride FAQ

Q: What kind of foods are provided for the light breaskfast at the start line?
A: This changes slightly every year, but it is essentially a continental/light breakfast.  To give you a better idea, it normally includes coffee, bagels, fruits, juice and other misc.

Q: How do I get my luggage transported to the finish line?
A: At the start of your ride in Cocoa Beach, ask a volunteer at the registration where to hand your bag.  For the 2-day option the bag will make it to the Holiday Inn parking lot on Saturday, and then make it to the finish line on Sunday.

Q: For the 2-day option, how do we get to the mid-point hotel?
A: You ride there!  The I-4 and US-27 intersection where all the hotels are at is only 1 mile south from Deen Still Rd.  We strongly suggest to ride on the sidewalk as US-27 has heavy traffic.

Q: For the 2-day option, where do we start on the second day?
A: Most riders will meet at the Holiday Inn parking lot, resuming the ride (leaving) at 8am.  If you leave earlier you may find the SAGs may not be setup by the time you get there.

Q: For the 2-day option, what about dinner Saturday night?
A: Saturday night dinner is on your own.  Don’t be stranger now.  Talk to your fellow riders and go have dinner with them after the ride.

Q: For the 2-day option, how many SAG stops do we have for the first day?
A: Only one at mile 33.4, but it is fully manned, so stop, eat and refill before you continue.

Q: For the 2-day option, how many SAG stops do we have for the second day?
A: There are three fully manned SAGs at mile 109.7, 127.8 and 147.2 with food and drinks.  The SAG at mile 87.1 is only a few miles away from the start and will not be fully setup by the time you pass it, however, feel free to stop if you need anything.