Sunrise via Hopkins

May 5, 2022 @ 8:00 am
Cocoa Village Parking Lot

We’ll start out with mild winds from the West, but since they will shift to NW, we’ll head to Sunrise Bread in Titusville. The route is “Sunrise via Hopkins” click for link

B ride, with some portions at B+ and A- pace. Routes depend on participants & wind/weather conditions. Ride Leader(s) vary.

Meet in Cocoa Village Parking Lot, 98 Stone Street, just north of Cocoa City Hall and west of Cocoa Village.

Distances range from 45 to 65 miles (75 to 100 km). Plan accordingly with food/hydration. Rides usually break somewhere midpoint for rest/refuel.

Participants should have current SCFW membership, but you are welcome to join us for a ride before signing up.

These are NOT introductory group rides; you should be completely capable and confident riding in a group, with enough endurance to comfortably finish a 3 to 4 hour ride. You should also have no concern about fixing flats, should they happen, and carry the equipment to do so.

That said, these are “no-drop” rides: we don’t leave fellow Freewheelers behind. But you are expected to keep up and contribute to the training effort.