Ride Descriptions

C Rides
C rides are relaxed, easy rides that are great for new riders looking for an easy pace.  They are also useful to experienced riders who need a shorter outing to recover or “loosen up”. Typical speeds are 14-17mph.

Wednesday evening C rides

If you’re looking for a relaxed afternoon ride, join us for a ~14mile Wednesday evening ride along Rockledge Dr.  A social hour typically follows after the ride.

Saturday and Sunday Morning C rides

Come out for a leisurely ride along beautiful River Road through Rockledge and Cocoa, or on the quiet roads in West Cocoa. The pace of these rides is between 14-17mph. This is a perfect way for beginners to get introduced to the dynamics of riding in a group, and and meet other riders. For those with more experience, it can be a shorter, less strenuous option to a B ride.
After the ride, club members usually gather together for coffee in Cocoa Village. See you all there !

B Rides
B rides attract more experienced riders looking for a bit more speed and distance, and require some basic endurance. Typical speeds are 17-21mph with distances between 14 and 60 miles.

Wednesday night B rides

Ride runs 28miles up and down the River Rd – along Rockledge Blvd. and N. Cocoa Blvd. Social hour typically follows after the ride.

Saturday Morning B rides

Our Saturday morning B ride starts at the conclusion of our Saturday morning C ride. Many will participate in the 14 mile C ride for a nice leisurely warm up. The B ride continues along N. Cocoa Blvd for 14 miles.

Sunday Morning B rides

The Sunday morning B ride is a great opportunity to see new routes and places. These rides change every week. They are chosen from many different routes, with several different starting locations.  See the current ride calendar for details.

A Rides

There are no scheduled A rides. However, some of our stronger riders may form up during a B ride, and ride off the front to challenge themselves at an “A” pace. Anyone participating in these groups should be well versed in riding rules, etiquette, and skills. Those with less knowledge and/or confidence plan on staying with the B group. Typical speeds are 21+ mph.

The Tuesday Morning and Thursday Morning Training Rides tend to favor B+ / A- riders in speeds and distances.