Club Officers

President Keith Buescher
  1. Serves as Chairman of the Board.
  2. Presides over Board meetings.
  3. Guides the members of the Board in devising and implementing policy and practice aimed at effective, coordinated pursuit of club objectives for the best interests of the club. He votes in Board meetings only to break a tie-vote.
  4. Presides at Board of Directors meetings, appoint needed committees and/or chairman of committees as directed by the Board. He is spokesman for the club in public and makes presentations.
  5. Issues call for special meetings when necessary.
Vice President (vacant)
  1. Serves as Alternate Chairman of the Board
  2. Chairman of membership committee.
  3. Chairman of Finance auditing committee.
  4. Shall give the Board of Directors report at annual meetings.
  5. Shall preside at Board and/or annual meetings in the absence of the President.
Secretary Erin Murphy
  1. Keeps an accurate roll of membership.
  2. Keeps accurate minutes of meetings.
  3. Notifies members of meetings and other activities.
  4. Is repository of all records and reports of meetings, competitions, correspondence, and other types of media.
Treasurer Michele Paulson
  1. Shall prepare and submit a proposed budget for fiscal
  2. Shall maintain an accurate account of all monies and at the end of the year shall present a complete accounting of all
    transactions of the previous fiscal year.
  3. Shall report a complete balance sheet at all annual meetings.
Ride Director Brian Soucy
  1. Shall be responsible for the scheduling, direction and conduct of all rides promoting the furtherance of the club’s purpose.
  2. Conducts periodic instructional programs to promote bicycle safety.
  3. The Ride Director shall have the authority and responsibility to appoint necessary assistants to insure proper conduct and safety of all participants.

Special Positions

Webmaster Erin Murphy Website technical management.  In charge of maintaining the services and software that support the SCFW website.
Public Relations Email and social media management, as well as coordinating other media information.

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

You can find the articles of incorporation and by-laws in the following document:

Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws