Cross Florida

The Cross Florida Ride will not be held in 2022

The Spacecoast Freewheelers are proud to sponsor once again the most epic ride in Florida: the Annual Cross Florida ride.  This 170 mile cycling event takes place on the first weekend in April that is not Easter weekend. The one-day Cross Florida starts from Cocoa Beach, on the East Coast of Florida, and finishes in Hernando County on the Gulf Coast.  Please note that there will not be a two-day option in 2021 and the one-day ride will take place on Saturday April 10th, not Sunday.
We will be hosting riders from all over the country in this unique event. We’re taking you over 170 miles on quiet back country roads. We start in Cocoa Beach at Alan Shepard Park at the eastern terminus of SR-520, and will be traveling a well-marked route south of the metro Orlando area, then through hilly Pasco county, and finishing up at the beautiful Linda Pedersen Park on the Gulf coast. Please understand that we have taken great care to keep the route at it’s current length yet try to avoid ‘hazardous routes,’ but in some rural areas there are limited choices if any at all. As with any bike event, exercise caution when riding public roads and obey all traffic laws.
Please be prepared because this won’t be like your typical century ride, so your cycling equipment must be in top shape and you must be prepared as well.  There will be five (5) SAG stops on the route to restock with food and water, and our roving SAG support will provide mechanical support and/or can SAG you to the finish line if needed.  Note that you may need to depend on convenience stores along the route for restrooms and to supplement your food and hydration as needed, so we will provide a list of convenience stores located along the route along with your cue sheet and map.  The SAG stops are strategically located in areas with little or no convenience stores.  For more details see the rider information pages.
Due to the large volume of riders, the ride will be escorted by the Sheriff’s Department from the start of the ride until SR520 and I95. No riders are to pass the motor unit during the escort. Remember this is not a race and will not be timed. The route will be open to traffic and riders must obey all traffic laws. We want to continue a good reputation with residents of the communities we pass through and with the police so please be courteous and above all ride safe.