Cross Florida Route Information

Riding Strategy

In order to successfully complete this ride you will rely on both our rest stops and convenience stores (listed in the cue sheet) for restrooms, extra hydration and food.  Our SAG stations are strategically located between points where there are little or no stores.  This means that you should bring some money in case you want to stop at a store to buy supplies, but it also means that you have the option of not carrying a lot of supplies since you can buy things on the route.  For 2021, restrooms are available at SAGs 33, 89, 110, 128 and 145, but remember that there are also public restrooms and convenience stores listed in the cue sheet to help you plan your restroom stops.  Our SAG vans will be roving the route looking for those that need help, but if you find yourself needing assistance please call the number on the cue sheet for faster service.  The SAG vans also carry extra drinks.  For quick reference, the SAG phone number will be added to all our website pages the day of the ride.  Remember that you can give us a lunch bag to forward to SAG #2, so plan ahead and pack your delicious lunch.

The XFL route starts nice and flat, but at about mile 120 to 150 the hills come out to slap you around, so plan your energy use accordingly.  The route is also clearly marked on the road shoulder or bike lanes with the yellow XFL sign and arrows.  Note we mark a turn with several marks as far back as we can mark, and then we mark once after the turn.  We also mark traffic lights and stop signs regardless if you have to keep going straight or not.

Route Information

Rides start at Alan Shepard Park in Cocoa Beach.  Meet fellow riders after the ride to recount your journey at the catered meal held in Linda Pedersen Park.

Cue Sheet Map

Cue Sheet (2021 route)

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(2021 route)

Ride Time and Cutoffs

Due to safety concerns and our finish location being in a public park all riders must complete the ride before sunset.  This will give riders 12.9 hours at a 13.2 mph average to complete the Cross Florida. Our SAG vehicles will be enforcing the following cutoff points and times.

  • 100 miles (Rockridge Rd & US-98) – 2:00pm (7.0 hours @ 14.3mph avg.)
  • 145 miles (SAG 4 location) – 5:40pm (10.6 hours @ 13.7mph avg.)
  • 158-170 miles (Deltona Blvd & Eligin Blvd) – 7:00pm (12 hours @ 13.1mph avg.)

If you are having difficulty and don’t make these cutoffs you may be SAGed to the finish line at the discretion of our SAG drivers.

All SAG support will end Saturday at 7:20pm, if you are unable to finish before then you must be SAGed to the finish.

If you need SAG support, call or text 321-758-1250. Note that if you are in an area with poor network coverage, a text is more likely than a phone call to make it through. To ensure that the Dispatcher knows exactly where you are, we recommend you use Google Maps to share your location: select where you are on the map, select Share Your Location, and send as a text to the Dispatcher’s phone number. You can probably do the same thing with other map apps, such as Apple Maps.

Route Tips

We make the upmost effort to mark the route as much as possible, but we understand that on long rides we can get zoned-out.  Note that we mark the turns multiple times before the turn and once after.  Here are some turns that people tend to have issues with:

~49 miles – Don’t miss the turn from SR192 to Eastern Ave.  The bike lane goes away after this intersection.
~50 miles – Shortly after your turn on Eastern take 10th to the left.  Do not go all the way to the end of Eastern.

~59.1 miles – from Monument to Lakeview, a traffic circle of bricks such that we can’t mark it with paint, be sure to make a left (3rd exit)
~61.5 miles – From Clay St you need to make a left at the light to cross the train tracks then the very next right to Old Tampa Hwy.
~68.7 miles – When you get to Osceola Polk line you will be making the next left BEFORE the train tracks.  Old Tampa Hwy is hard to see, so look for the markings and remember that it is before the train tracks.
~76.6 miles – You are going to cross SR27.  2-day XFL riders make a left and head to the hotel area 1 mile south.  1-day riders, well, I don’t blame you if you want a hotel at this point, but keep going straight.
~160.3 miles – Make sure you make this right on Deltona Blvd.  A lot of people miss this as they are tired.