Cross Florida Rider Information and FAQs

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Personal SAG Vehicle Policy

The Spacecoast Freewheelers provide roving SAG support with mechanics for all the riders participating in the Cross Florida. If you choose to have a personal SAG vehicle supporting yourself or a group of riders then we insist you have that SAG vehicle registered and also sign and agree to a set of rules.  We will call the police on the drivers creating unsafe situations and reserve the right to ban riders or entire teams from the event for non-compliance.

  • NO handing out bottles or food on the move.
  • NO driving slowly ahead, behind or aside of the group, instead please drive ahead and wait.
  • As SAG drivers please make use of SAG sites and convenience stores to meet up with your riders.
  • Please consider alternate routes to help alleviate traffic.
  • If you as the rider have a problem then use your phone and call your SAG vehicle or the SAG support provided by the Spacecoast Freewheelers.
  • Consider viewing a Bike SAG training class at Bike SAG Inc. , these are reasonably priced training videos and are well worth the time to train yourself as a personal Bike SAG driver.  The Team SAG Wagon class ( Team SAG training ) has been discounted ($15 vs. $25) for this week to encourage XFL personal SAG drivers to take the class.

If for whatever reason you cannot accept these rules or break them during the ride we will refuse your participation in this event. Please understand we are doing this to ensure the safety of all the riders participating and by no means want to make your ride more difficult. We think the rules aren’t at all burdensome and will make for less traffic around the riders and fewer angry motorists directing their anger towards the riders.